I had both my feet done for Bunions on two separate occasions by Dr. Masson, with great results. From the start Dr. Masson was very professional and on time. I have recommended him to others who had the same results. My boyfriend jokingly said, I wish I had a Bunion so I could get treatment like that.

Mercedes Y.

Last fall, I had a bunion and bone spur removed in Dr. Masson’s office. All office personal are very professional and polite. Appointments were on time as scheduled. NO post operative pain! The best piece of advice that I can give you for an uneventful post operative period is follow ALL the post operative instructions given to you by Dr. Masson.

Susan H.

I don’t know where to start with Dr. Masson! (Five of us are his patients) My dad was diagnosed with dry gangrene on his foot in 2008 while living in a nursing home. The care homes Dr. told me that my dad would have to have his toes and maybe foot amputated. I took my dad to see Dr. Masson for a second opinion as he was my dad’s Podiatrist. He reassured me that my dad’s foot/toes could be saved! I just had to bring my dad to see him every month. Within 6-7 month later all the dry gangrene was gone!!

My mom and husband have both had foot surgeries with him. There was a very short waitlist, if any, because he performs the surgery in the comfort of his office. Surgery in the office was good because the environment was clean and welcoming. He checked on them via phone post surgery which I thought was being accountable and caring. Both their surgeries healed well because he did a good job with the surgery and gave them thorough post op directions for them to follow. I also liked that he was honest with telling them that if they didn’t follow the post op instructions the surgery wouldn’t heal properly and would be a waste of time. They both followed the instructions and their problems healed well.

I have seen him for a wart on my toe which was taken care of after one appointment.

Lastly my 11 Year old daughter has been seeing him for just over six years. She stands/ walks funny with her feet. He as fitted her with orthotics and given her exercises to do. Hopefully by her early teens the problem will be totally corrected.

As you can see he is very knowledgeable with a wide variety of foot conditions. Every time I hear friends talk about foot problems I always recommend Dr. Masson. He knows what he is doing and is up to date on procedures. He is professional, friendly, genuine, and caring. The front desk staffs are friendly and helpful, and the office is kept clean and tidy too. Unless I move from the lower mainland he will always be my go to Podiatrist.

Julie L.

I came to Dr. Masson’s office with severe pain in my legs from just walking a few blocks every day from my work to the sky train; I knew the problem, all my life suffering from flat feet, acute pronation and therefore no ability to participate in sports; my mom tried everything, from horrible hard orthotic shoes to exercises massaging my feet with bottles to ‘promote’ development of my non‐existent arch. Nothing worked!. I arrived with Dr. Masson with the last hopeless set of orthotics I had which he immediately demonstrated right on the spot why they were not helping. After a few weeks of getting used to my new orthotics I discovered I could actually walk longer distances with no pain, then I discovered running without pain was fun so I got ambitious and did the sun run, then half marathons and now I’m looking forward to complete my first full marathon, every time something comes up I go back with Dr. Masson and he makes sure I can reach my goals. I could never thank him enough, he really did change my life!, thank you!

Rene N.


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