Pain in the feet is not normal and is usually as a result of abnormal biomechanics due to misalignment of the bones in the feet at inappropriate times during the gait cycle. Orthotics to many is known as an insole, an arch support and or a shoe insert. All of these devices are meant to help support and relieve pain. These devices are usually available over the counter at drug stores. This is not a custom made orthotic.

Custom Orthotics are 3D model of your feet either taken by molding plaster cast of your feet or computerized scan of your feet. All this is done while you are sitting down or lying on your stomach along with a detailed biomechanical and gait analysis examination of your feet. Once this is completed the prescription is sent to our lab to have the orthotic made.

Custom Orthotics are prescription medical device which help correct the abnormal biomechanics as well abnormal pressure on your feet by controlling the motion across the foot and ankle and restore normal function. An added benefit is reduction of pain and slowing the progression of structural deformities. The goal of custom foot orthotic is to help keep you active while balancing the feet in order to stabilize your gait cycle. They help improve posture, reduce strain on the lower legs. There are many different types of custom foot orthotics customized for sports, dress shoes or diabetic foot wear.


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